We know it’s ridiculous to associate people with their roles but, as everyone else, we sometimes fall prey to this error, and can find ourselves to be surprised by an actor’s/actress’ energetic, friendly and dynamic moods when we meet him/her. This was exactly how we felt when we met Bade, and now we invite you to meet her. Afresh for those who already do (or think they do).

Photography: Fora Norman

Styling: Burak Sanuk

Hair: Harun Ateş

Make-up Ömer Faruk Dinç

Elbise / Dress: ALICE MCCALL / BEYMEN Jean: 3×1 / V2K Terlik / Slipper: DORA TEYMUR / V2K Eşarplar / Scarfs: HERMES
What would your first advice be for someone who want to be an actress?

Try to live your character, not to play it.

Is “the magical realm of TV” is a cliché or a reality for you?

In general, it’s a reality. The characters you portray on screen can be perceived as real by some of the viewers. For instance, when you play a women who’s been cheated on by her husband/ boyfriend, someone can walk up to you on the street and say “That man is cheating on you by that woman.” These kinds of things happen all the time, which is enough to prove the reality of its effect.

What is the biggest factor in choosing the characters you play?

Definitely excitement. It’s important that I feel connected to the narrative flow, the story, and the character I play, and that I feel curious about her life.

What would you like to say about the change in the industry considering the new trend of web series?

It’s more accessible so I think it’s a positive change. You can watch them anywhere so it’s useful to reach a wider audience. If you’re in a web series, you can reach as many people as most of the Hollywood stars, and have the opportunity to present your talent to more people.

When is it hard to be Bade?

When I’m on the set, I leave Bade’s emotional world at the back stage. I try to compartmentalize my personal and professional lives. I also experience this during daily life; for instance, I meet a fan when I feel very upset or angry but I try not to show it, and feel detached from myself. The other person cannot guess my emotional state and just feels excited to meet someone (s)he admires and wants to take a picture together. At times, it takes your whole being to keep it together. I think real me is pushed to a subconscious level when I cannot fully live my real feelings.

What has affected you the most recently?

This year the weather doesn’t seem to get warmer. It’s almost the end of spring but we still cannot leave home without a coat, and I do not like that.

What is your greatest goal?

Living life to the fullest.

Full Look: MIU MIU
Gömlek, Süveter / Shirt, Sweater: PRADA Eldiven / Gloves: HERMES
Elbise / Dress: MSGM / BEYMEN