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The Canvas on Your Wrist: One Step Closer to Rijksmuseum!

Displaying over 8,000 artworks and historical artifacts, the iconic Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands has become a symbol of art and aesthetics. The museum recently embarked on a colorful collaboration with Swatch with a collection which will bring a new dimension to art designs. In this…

Countdown for Shakira!

An unshakable world star with seven albums and innumerable collaborations! Revisiting Istanbul with a magical stage show after 11 years, Shakira is truly a world star! Having released her first album at the age of 14 and given her first performance at 20, her success…

Excited for Nick Cave After 17 Years!

Nick Cave is the proof that how popular a painter waiting to be discovered can become in an interdisciplinary journey through art. In his 45-year-long artistic career, he has inspired unique styles as we have witnessed how he became a giant on stage as an…

Beth Morgan: The Invisible Hero of Period Productions

Fuzzy hair, neon colors, leggings, colorful makeup and swimsuits… We’re counting down for the second season of Netflix’s Glow, which we excitedly await and features everything about the ‘80s. We appease our thrill with costume designer Beth Morgan. “The hunt for finding the perfect hidden…

The Thrill of “Everything Is Love” with Beyoncé and Jay-Z

“Everything Is Love”, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s first longplay album, is the new fruit of the couple’s years-long marriage, parenting and musical partnership. Featuring nine songs, “Everything Is Love” has achieved success in a short period and proves that they are unrivaled in the music industry.…

349 Connects Stop-Motion Dance and Souls

When it comes to expression our inner being based on our mind and feelings, we have no doubt that physical  contact becomes very effective. While hugging or simple gestures are the reaction to the feelings in our hearts, physical expression is the best way to…

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