Tabitha Karp

Donald Cumming

Leaving behind his band The Virgins, Donald Cumming is in despair about the current state of music. His frankness about the industry, life and people is a result of the discovered pressures of band life, many a nights partying to the internal demon inside him, and then the wake-up call and the realisation that life goes on.

Alice Balas

A black Triumph sits at the doorstep of Miss Balas’s atelier in a small quite street just around the corner from Rue de Rivoli. Upon entering I’m greeted by a cool husky voiced Alice.

Chloe Wise

Iphones, Instagram, teenage/ twenty-something neurosis, luxe branding – the age of “me, myself and I” – it’s these qualities that gives definition to Wise’s personality, humour, and ultimately her works. Twenty-four-year-old Canadian-born painter, sculptor, and video artist Wise gives her version behind bagels, pancakes and “Literally Me.”

Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin’s take on the relationship between the individual and the dynamics of government is a varying influence between each other and subject to today’s reality. Interviewing Mr Bolin has a revealed a man who provokes in every sense and gives rise to self-determination for all.

Kim Drew

She has a tendency for art and artists of African descent. Her daily instagram posts highlights the impact of social media as a medium to expose and push through rising talents whilst making us aware of art and African contemporary art… if we hadn’t already…

Zöe Le Ber

Her words are a direct translation of who she is. There is no introduction needed, except to say that Zöe le Ber tells us, in her own words, who she is.


Its my second year in Istanbul and it is without doubt that different cities means new chapters, new discoveries. Ever since I was a child I was always made aware of the people around me, who they are, where they come from. My family is…