Tabitha Karp

The Rumors Are True?

Kenzo’nun son sanatsal “The Rumors are True”sunu gördünüz mü? Fotoğrafçı Partel Oliva, bu küresel aşırılık zamanlarında iki genç adamın aşkı konuşmak için yüksek yerlerde bir…


As Sophie Arancio is all too aware, the real challenge in photography may be to produce images that have longevity, and for this, we are…

Sonic Youth & 1986

Before the final soundtrack for Made In The USA there was a demo session recorded on tape, which didn’t make the final take. It’s by this very fortunate and fortuitous act that Kim Gorden and co are bequeathing us mere mortals a never-before-heard demo tape of ‘Theme With Noise’ – to be released on a new album called Spinhead Sessions.

So Who is Warsan Shire?

So this girl is set to go off, as a poet laureate (Shire was the actual Young Poet Laureate of London in 2014), she is about, and probably is already, to receive accolades between the grunges of MTV and then high brow Vanity Fair, for her “spoken words” at various interludes on Beyonce’s latest visual album, Lemonade.

Ambition Over Lemonade

“The most disrespected woman in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in…

Truth Bomb & Lemonjames

Trump Joke? “I don’t want to do another Trump joke, I’ve exhausted that topic. I’ve talked about his hair, his tiny baby hands, doing Trump…

Kitty & Chloe

“Kitty lived in a medium-sized house with a big garden around it. She loved some things, like picnics and going to the circus, and she…