Tabitha Karp

Luisa Dorr

She recently was accepted to VII Agency and their Mentor Program and that is how we discovered Luisa Dorr and her images of girls and…

Hanna Hanra

Its all about the music; the artist, the sound, the moment the song was played, and what the song meant to that particular moment. This is according to Hanna Hanra, the girl who found BEAT Magazine, with its iconic covers and features exposing what is happening in the realm of music, underground and above.

Lena Fayre

Her intentions are personal when it comes to music and she has no desire to be a role model. With her recent EP “Cry” we get dream pop soundscapes meets alternate sound and the creative authenticity that Lena Fayre wants to project to her audience.


So this is a kind of a no compromise situation; DonMonique has entered the music scene, drilling us with her beats which are a tribute to the days of true rap – think Lil’Kim – but with an added décor, indicative of today’s youth obsessed celebrity culture with an East Coast vibe; take Pilates, from her first EP Thirst Trap. She shouts out Kendall, Kylie and Miley as metaphors for weed, coke and Molly, respectively.

Culturel Revolution

Here is the next generation of youth, girls and a desire to show femininity through the photographic lense, whether taking photos of boys or girls,…

Marie Madec

It was by chance that we happened to come across Marie Madec and her newly curated space “Sans Titre (2016).” It is not your typical white cube space and that is what stands out when noticing Madec and her foray into the art world, as a first time curator.

Milo Rau

Rau’s works are artistic reenactments of historical events and trials, just as we will see this month in 20th Istanbul Theatre Festival, when Hate Radio comes on the Zorlu PSM stage and theatre. This is perhaps Rau’s most charged and controversial work whereby Hate Radio reenacts Rwanda’s RTLM radio station, which played a significant role in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Thursday Night At The Pill

Eva Nielsen Thinking about your Thursday night in Istanbul? Is there a god? Tomorrow night we have The Pill in Balat, Istanbul, giving us a taste of Eva Nielsen – with her solo show, a first ever in Istanbul.