Tabitha Karp

Lamia Lagha

We first met Lamia around Rue Montorgueil, at a corner café in Paris. We instantly clicked because Lamia is so carefree and opened minded… She is a stylist, and a very talented one. We talked about the changing pace of fashion and what it takes to live and work in Paris. She is truly a girl who has eclectic tastes and ideas.

Ari Marcopoulos

Since moving to New York from Amsterdam in the early 1980s, Ari Marcopoulos has been one of New York’s most prominent photographers, creating a narrative of American youth subculture and its power to shape. He started working with Andy Warhol as a printer, and went…


There is beauty in every photo, but they leave questions unanswered. You don’t understand the image straight away; you are in front of something that happened and you do not know if you like it or if you feel something for the colours. You can’t…

Luke Meyer

Unlocking the Truth Luke Meyer follows viral band Unlocking the Truth in his documentary “Breaking A Monster.” What is different about this documentary compared to others about the music industry is that it follows two seventh graders, a guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse and lead vocalist Jarad Dawkins.

Janina Pedan

Olağandan Tehditkara Distorted, beautiful and unfolding visions are normal for the set designer Ms Pedan. She is a constant in the magazine world, including Another Magazine and Dazed & Confused, working with the likes of Hayley Weir and Ben Toms. She is equally sort after…

Eva Nielsen

Her paintings are taken from the surrounding scenery, from her backyard to the layered and contrasted landscape of the Parisian suburbs. Her interest lies in transitional spaces and within the process of how she portrays them.

Iris Gold

Music is suppose to make you feel special because it’s about being different; it’s about taking this thing that makes you different and doing something special with it. Iris Gold does this with Goldmine, Color Trip and most recently her cover of Egyptian Lovers – Freakaholic. And then there is more…

Aslı Baykal

Recently, Asli Baykal has been traipsing around with the likes of Gia Coppola and Tracy Antonopoulos, capturing moments from their Florida road trip all for the sake of film. She loves 16-mm cameras and exclaims the peak of music videos was the 90s.