Serra Duran

Abstain from becoming mechanical!

Simge Burhanoğlu and Ata Doğruel – two young artists who put performing arts where life and art meet on a thin, sometimes invisible line, at the heart of their lives. With her project “Performistanbul” in late 2015, Simge gathered performance artists from all around Turkey under one roof, and helped this discipline become widespread in the country by offering assistance in finding sponsors and venues for various projects. Experiencing the boundaries of both mind and body, especially with the concept of endurance in mind, Ata is Simge’s latest performance at Kabak Cove. He says, “If my performance can resonate with someone who has never heard of it before, or push him/her to behave in some other way, then I consider that performance mature.” Here’s a pleasant conversation about new schools of performing arts, mind, body, and the future.

Bong Joon Ho on Netflix’s ‘Okja’

A few months ago, BBC iPlayer released Carnage, the world’s first vegan sci-fi satire and the feature-length debut of Simon Amstell, who was both the director and the screenwriter. Last month, Netflix released Okja by Korean director Bong Joon Ho. The movie portrays the heartwarming…