Ozan Tezvaran

Emotional Poetries: The Blaze

Think of a structure that instinctively explores your essence of emotions. Imagine a simple yet profound melody which creates a comfort zone for you to close your eyes, embrace each beat. We all know, it needs to be happening naturally. It needs to be produced…

Algorithms & Human Behavior: Memo Akten

To understand the general structure of the universe has been one of the most far-reaching research topics of the mankind history. Nowadays, seeking this explanation, brings the unrivaled experiences within while disclosing the invisible events around us by using algorithms. Memo Akten: Memo Ak-ten who…

Noisy Landscapes & Hobby Horse: Gazelle Twin

Using the power of vibrations to protest the current situations, while traveling around boundaries of dark humor is something we don’t witness in our everyday life. Finding the strength to maintain this particular concept as a musician, how much you need to be yourself? How…

Facts Of Music: Alex Callier

“Being me is like constantly triggered by different stuff,” says Alex Callier. His consciousness and versatility for the music identify him as an artist and with this force, he never stopped exploring new ways of music making. Inspired by melancholy, Callier becomes main composer, producer…

Reflecting The Echoes: In The Void

Music; could it be a way to build an identity? Why would people focus on the idea of unseen? Do you think ‘change’ is in the night’s direction? Who decides on the idea of the city becoming a whole? While talking about all these with…

From Changes To Freedom: Tolga Akyıldız  

How do night life and entertainment sector change in time? What are the factors of this change? To evaluate the main dynamics that form the night life together; to observe spatial, economically and symbolic factors behind ‘how and why’ the night life changes, requires a…


How would you put rythmes in between what the nature reminds you ? How to reach a song to its listeners ? He has taken a break for 4 years but he is back now, the producer/DJ Ozoyo shares all his samples which are mixed with lo-fi/hip-hop…

Isolation, Particles and Vibrations

To discover within sources that are infinitive, the secret of it all hidden behind the importance of details? Besides traditional music processes, music can open doors to big ideas and projects. Is this connected to science and concept? Building a connection between music, technology and…

Understanding Simplicity

Simplicity becomes resplendent and Adrian Road is the definition of it. He says, “I am a simple man from Lanzarote, Canary Island, living in Madrid.” When we listen to his tracks and watch audio-visual contents he proves that he is not a simple man. His…

The Artist Is For Sale: Brian Oldham

There is no doubt that embracing yourself and giving birth to a better self requires courage. But the outcome is always glamorous. We are talking about Brian Oldham, based in L.A, multidisciplinary artist and their prominent queer style, pastel toned, provoking artworks. It was not…

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