Lara Lakay

Ay Güneşten Daha Güzel!

Rap used to be an outcast in Turkey. Until 2017 introduced us to a name who was to change it all. With his uncensored lyrics about the urban culture and subcultures of especially his hometown Ankara; style that blends trap tap, hip-hop and reggae; and…

A ‘Fendi’ Love Story

Created by Adele Casagrande and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925, FENDI has been living nearly for a century as a storyteller in the big picture of art, design and traditional craftsmanship, away from the hegemony in which fashion is a mode of consumption. Feeding…

I’ve got blues!

Sometimes we all question, “Was I born in the wrong time period?”. Nostalgia seems sweeter. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s ... These are whole different worlds; and in a creativity frame, these years are lled with legends. In any circumstances one example is unfair. So we…


There are some women, who inspire with just one word. They are fair and square, right and sincere. They are women who create, generate and think; independently. Döne Otyam is one them, and we are listening to her born-into-arts life story, how she always wanted…

Not your ordinary washing machine; Hermèsmatic

Hermèsmatic project emerges with the idea of making a sustainable fashion move; people bring old and unused Hermès scarves and they take back a completely different kind of scarf that they can use again. Washing machines with Hermès logos creates a colorful transformation with 3…


SLAVA MOGUTIN in conversation with LARA LAKAY We always admire and respect the people who stand behind who they are, and what they believe; never compromise, even if a thousand people stand against them. Slava is one them. His work on sexual identity, subcultures, the…

In Harmony with the Memory

Bahadır draws a lot from philosophy and literature, and the curiosity he feeds is not ordinary or superficial about anything. He’s passionate about understanding and perceiving everything to the minutest detail. The sculptures (before which we ask “How do they do these?”) lead collaborations with…

Freud and Prothesengott

As Digi.logue becomes a multi-discipliner future teller in its new exhibition, it also asks the question “How will humankind exist and change in the future?” The exhition reinterprets the concept of future with a different perspective and subtext of technology. Comprising drawings, sculptures, coding, texts,…

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