Kemal Yılmaz

Future Remnants

Carlos Sáez makes art that looks as though it was just discovered in an archeological dig - remnants from the future. He rediscovers the forgotten physical and abstract matter, deconstructs and reconstructs it back to reality; His own reality. His diverse components and medium associates…

Evolving a Sense of Style: Miguel Becer

Madrileño fashion has a lot to say especially now. The founder, Miguel Becer: A young designer who spent years to establish his brand ManéMané in Madrid, Spain. We are learning more about the unknowns of being an emerging label and how he contributes to the…

Up-cycling Daily Reality: Stephanie D’heygere

Stephanie D’heygere is born and raised in Belgium and completed her studies in Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She travelled around the world to further her career and eventually ended up in Paris to work for leading fashion houses Maison…

Diversity as a way of Expression: West Dakota

We are at Caribbean Social Club in Williamsburg; a tiny spot where you can feel and find all the diverse lifestyles of Brooklyn in one space. We got together with one of the queer personalities of Brooklyn nightlife scene: West Dakota and she is telling…

Inner Desires: Kostis Fokas

Kostis Fokas has a unique take on his native Athens. His photographs amplify a classic Mediterranean aesthetic, crafting a surreal world of antiquities distorted by a modern obsession with anonymous pleasure. The artist connects the erotic sensuality of the body with the beauty of the…

Things That Change Easily: Yuul Yie

The brand “Yuul Yie” is building an image and identity for a new generation of women and adapting it to today’s fashion industry. We talked with its founder Sunyuul Yie. She tells us about her journey as a design entrepreneur and her work to develop…

Risk is Not Always About Turning Away: Jef Montes

Risks are contradictory. Usually people avoid taking risks because they create unwanted dangers, but even when a designer wants to take big creative risks there are challenges set in his way by today’s fast fashion industry. Risk is not always about turning away, but facing…

Fashion Diaries: STARECASERS

Devid Gualandris and Thibaud Guyonnet are known as the faces behind STARECASERS, a menswear style and fashion diary established in Berlin in 2011. Since its inception, STARECASERS has pushed the boundaries of menswear style and presented us with their signature looks such as high-waist &…

Boran Kuzum: Just Beginning, Awake to All

“Man is what he believes,” says Anton Chekhov. It’s hard to be young, to believe in one’s self and to do something for art; it takes time and patience. Boran Kuzum is an actor in his mid-20s who believes in his talent. As he continues…

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