Jale Öner

The 60s: Radical Changes in Music

The 60s was the time of revolutionary design, music and art. This was the period in which people - especially Britain, America and most of Europe - wanted to change every part of society - imagining a better world. Young people, refused to dressed like…

60s Club Class: Blazer

GANT celebrates 70 years of American sportswear with its iconic piece Club Blazer. The timeless style of Club Blazer, the iconic piece of GANT that survived from the 60s to the present, still invites us to dream about the afternoons at the yacht club. The…

Gucci’s Special Book Series for Paige Powell’s Memories

Gucci, fotoğraf sanatçısı Paige Powell’ın 1980’lerde Harlem’den SoHo’ya uzanarak 20. yüzyılın sanat sahnesini belgelediği fotoğraflarından oluşan kitap serisi Paige Powell’ı hayata geçirdi. Gucci launched a book series Paige Powell, from of photographs by photographer Paige Powell taken from the Harlem to SoHo in the 1980s,…

Tutti Frutti Taste in Swatch

Energy Boost, the third collection of Swatch's 2019 Spring-Summer season, takes its energy from the summer fruits. Swatch summed up its new summer collection with tutti frutti colors. Energy Boost is an appetite for an adventure full of vibrant colors and bold contrasts that boost…

The ‘Halston’ Trailer is Full of 70s Glam

Frédéric Tcheng focusing on Halston's forgotten legacy, with the two-hour documentary 'Halston'. He continues his dark traces of the designer's personal life, excesses, and bad decisions, and asks, “Is it tougher to get on top or to stay on top?” The iconic American fashion designer…

50s Music: Can You Hear the Change?

After the devastation of World War II there had been monumental changes in human rights. So how does one know if the new age is approaching? The answer is hidden in the art and in the music. Music - that synchronizes heartbeats with vibrations -…

50’s Television

In the 50's, many new things entered our lives. However, perhaps the most noticeable of these is the television that has entered our lives in this decade and increased its influence over the years. The television is an integral part of life for every generation…

Thinking about relaxing: KAWS: HOLIDAY

American artist KAWS recently made a thirty-seven meter long inflatable sculpture that was thrown in the middle of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. The KAWS:HOLIDAY sculpture is the most gigantic project ever made by the artist, who has a few times used the character represented…

Vans x David Bowie

Vans celebrates the legacy of David Bowie - the most colorful character in the world - this spring. Vans x David Bowie collection is to be sold in selected Vans stores and representing Bowie's unforgettable moments from Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane album cover to…

Brand New Hopelessness by Şener Özmen

PİLEVNELİ Mecidiyeköy is hosting one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time, artist and writer Şener Özmen’s most comprehensive exhibition in Turkey so far titled “Brand New Hopelessness” to 12 May 2019. “Brand New Hopelessness” takes upon a scene from George Lucas’s 1977…

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