Işık Cansu Canayak

Alper Bahçekapili

We talked about the course of the relationship between music and Istanbul with Alper Bahçekapılı who is a firm fan of listening to music, an author, and even a director. Status update according to him: We lack a few things but the situation is pretty good. Our music hasn’t stopped.

Erik Frenken

Being an Amsterdam based, open-minded global brand, Avelon is chasing after silent claims, automatically being attention-grabbing and ‘cool’. You’ll understand better what I’m trying to tell when you get to know Erik Frenken, Creative Director of the brand.

Second Rendezvous in Paris

The second rendezvous with Turkish Cinema in Paris will be held on the 26-29 November, with Türkan Şoray as the Guest of Honor and Yılmaz Güney to pay homage to the Masters screenings. We talked to Serap Engin, the founder and president of the festival,…

Raisa & Vanessa

R&V, the brand of sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason, is about to put the urban, chic, brave and attention-seeking women on its radar adding ready-made garment collections to its couture ones.

Fashion Film Festival Milano

Attention cinefiles and fashionistas! There is a festival that covers both of these artistic areas. It is called Fashion Film Festival Milano (FFFMilano) and Based Istanbul got the chance to talk exclusively with its founder, Constanza Cavalli Etro.

Bünyamin Aydin

Les Benjamins has evolved in becoming the definition of a lifestyle from just a t-shirt brand. It is one of the most sui generis brands you can ever see Its creator Bünyamin Aydın is a mirror of the brand and he is a naughty, stylish, hiphop loving young entrepreneur who set his sights on the world.