Güliz Arslan

Vasıf Kortun

He is one of the leading names in Turkish contemporary art. Thanks to the organizations and institutions that he has directed, there has been great improvement for art in Turkey. We looked at art in Turkey with SALT’s Research and Program Director Vasıf Kortun.

Orçun Baş

He is the writer and director of one of the most popular viral channels in Turkey, called ‘Nedir?’. Creating a great wide audience through his videos, Orçun Baş talks to us about ‘that film’ he always wanted to make and his love for Kadıköy. If…

Ekim Deniz Akarslan

Ekim Deniz Akarslan, one of the youngest talents of Turkish ballet, came 1st in the ballet category of Youth America Grand Prix Indianapolis semi-finals, and got into the top fifteen in the New York finals.

Cemre Ebüzziya

She decided to become an actress at a very young age. She went to school in the United States for the job she set her heart to. In the beginning of her career, she starred in a film by Zeki Demirkubuz. Then again, her success was not an exception; After Bulantı, there were other important directors, and other important films…

a Love Temple in Istanbul: The Museum of Innocence

If Istanbul has a heart, many of those who know the city well will agree that the beat of it lies in Taksim. Those who disagree and those who say ‘The heart of such an active city like Istanbul is also full of life’ surely wouldn’t doubt that this constantly shifting heart ‘hangs around’ Taksim.

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