Güliz Arslan

Rebel Zone: Engin Ayaz & Kerem Alper

Most of them describe this place as a ‘rebel zone’… And they ain’t wrong! There is pessimism in ATOLYE. It feels like you are a part of something quite huge from the first step, and this takes your heart. You feel the comfort of knowing…

A Unique Sense of Humor: Can Evrenol

Can Evrenol has achieved a great success in an area where few has had worthwhile productions. He’s been the maker of significant examples of horror genre in Turkish cinema. Evrenol achieves a challenging tone by blending horror stories with a unique sense of humor. His…

Mazhar Alanson

He is the man who has touched the hearts of millions with his songs; from rainy mornings to days when we question ourselves, from moments when we don’t take life too seriously to of course, our love stories…

Seren Yüce

“This is a crowd who tries to fill the cultural void by spending money. What I had in mind was the story of a woman from that crowd, on a mission to find herself, and not succeeding.“ After earning many awards with his first movie…

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