Gamze Kantarcıoğlu

Uncensored and Brave – and A Little Arabesque: CANAN

CANAN is a brave and inspiring artist who has abandoned her last name to free herself form the chains of patriarchy, and strolled around the streets of Bomonti naked. For her, creativity is a therapy, a cure to help her heal. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone or doesn’t worry whether anyone would want to display them while making her works. She deals with issues such as gender politics, history and mythology for over 20 years, CANAN’s business with feminism doesn’t seem to have concluded. 

Out of Ordinary: Yaron Herman

A psychology, mathematics and philosophy enthusiast; the recipient of many prestigious awards including Choc Jazzman, Disque d’émoi Jazz Magazine and Victoires du Jazz; a man of adventure and experiment… How many pianists fit this description? We know at least one – Yaron Herman.