Eda Solmaz

Alican Yücesoy

The rising star of theatre is no doubt Hira Tekindor! Hira, whom we believe values the artistic tendencies in his genes, is strong enough to take hold of everyone who meets him and admirable enough for us to wait for his next step. While studying cinema in London, Hiro directed the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” with the proposal of Haluk Bilginer had 2 whole seasons of full house and became a theatre legend in Turkey....

Doğu Yücel

Some of us know Doğu Yücel through his writings on music and some through his books. His book “Nonexistents” (Varolmayanlar), released in 2011, is available on Amazon in English in the e-book format. ...


The world-renowned Irish singer of ‘Take Me to Church,’ Hozier will be at Volkswagen Arena on March 3rd. We talked to Hozier about his dramatic voice and inspiration behind his love-filled songs. Take a look before you watch him live…...

Baba Zula

We are in BabaZula’s studio in Maslak Oto Sanayii. The interior is like a world mosaic… In front of us lies an unopened luggage amongst instruments… The band spends more than half of the year on the road. Japan, Paris; anywhere in the world, as soon as the date for their concert is announced, the tickets get sold out....

Cevdet Erek

Creating an atmosphere with sound We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that one of the most striking films of this year is Frenzy. The film inspires the audience in every sense. Cevdet Erek, the artist who made the sound design of this film is the one who transformed this chaotic atmosphere for the crowd. ...


Ulay is the key figure of performance art in the 70s. His early works will be on view at Şekerbank Açıkekran through 10 October. We talked about the striking effect of art with this brave and short-tempered man who changed a period of performance art....

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