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Bade İşçil X Bade İşçil

Bade İşçil asks Bade for Based Istanbul Videography by Fora Norman Styling by Burak Sanuk Hair by Harun Ateş Make-up by Ömer Faruk Dinç…

Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd’s New “Lust for Life” Video

Lana Del Rey has shared the new music video for her song “Lust for Life,” the title track from her upcoming new album that features the Weeknd. The video begins with Lana performing in a TV studio and performing simply choreographed moves with 2 dancers in the background then she  breaks away to dance with the Weeknd on top of the “H” of the Hollywood sign (like the lyrics say). At the end, she slides off the Hollywood “D” and lands in a field.

Happiness is a Big Joke.

Seda has a magical side to her. I'm not sure whether it lies behind her deep gazes or that she's not afraid of her laughter, but the energy of this woman, whom our television series took to distant and cold parts, is so strong that it could blow your mind! What am I talking about? ...

Takeover Chef

If the point in question is to experience new things, you can leave yourself to Ahmet’s hands. Our questions are neverending when we come across people who know their city so well! But this time, what got us excited is his new project “Takeover Chef”. Rather than searching for new places to experience different tastes, doesn't it sound inviting; to allow chefs to create menus designed for you in the comfort of your own space? ...

Editions of Mehmet Günsür

Mehmet Günsür – does this name put a smile on your face? I know it does for most of us. He’s so confident and self-aware. I begin our conversation thinking how utopic it sounds in this day and age for someone to be so free from the ego and ambition that lessen one’s self. ...

Andreea Magdalina

Unfortunately, the order in which women are often attempted to be discouraged still continue on everywhere! But when we manage to resist, we make way to wonderful things. ...

Not Your Average Beauty

Jewelry designer Joanne Tan, creates designs that question the perception of beauty rather than the usual jewelries that highlight the concept of beauty....

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