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5 Most Creative Artist Couples

They say it’s hard to be in love with an artist. But what about when two artists fall in love? An incident of passion, desire and creativity. Let us help you visualize this with real-life examples.   Marina Abramovic & Ulay Two prominent names of…

Being Bade!

We know it’s ridiculous to associate people with their roles but, as everyone else, we sometimes fall prey to this error, and can find ourselves to be surprised by an actor’s/actress’ energetic, friendly and dynamic moods when we meet him/her. This was exactly how we felt when we met Bade, and now we invite you to meet her. Afresh for those who already do (or think they do).


[gallery ids="9175,9176,9177,9178,9179,9180,9181,9182,9183,9184"] The strong brake smell and high-pitched sounds of tires on the road... If these sound familiar, it means you know about Tofaşk – a group of passionate people who devote themselves to modify Tofaşk cars, which were discontinued in the early 2000s. Let us introduce you to Can Görkem Halıcıoğlu and his TOFAŞK series, which documents the lives of these groups and their relationship with cars.

The Cool Cat: İlhan Erşahin

İlhan Erşahin is a man of many definitions – saxophonist, composer, producer, club owner, jazz festival curator, and owner of a record company. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 16 and has never stopped since then. Impressing his audience with his charisma…

Summer to Heart

A Creative Collaboration KOM X BASED ISTANBUL Fotoğraf / Photography by: ERMAN İŞTAHLI Moda Editörü / Fashion Editor: BURAK SANUK Saç / Hair: Akın Ünal Make-up: Ömer Faruk Dinç Fotoğraf Asistanı / Photography Asistant: Salih Devrim Styling Asistanları / Syling Asistants: Berna Tetik - Seyit…

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