Duygu Bengi

Disco Highlife

We begin a deep conversation about technology and music with producer and sound designer Alican Okan, who is also the co-founder of Audio Fil, because…

Across the Line

Across the Line Exhibition is a group exhibition of mixed media, installation, coding, lighting, sculpture and mechanic born from the interaction between 12 artists from…


If there's a community called "creative industries," then getting hints from Stefan Sagmeister would be the dream of everyone in that group. It's impossible not…

Arada: Mu Tunç

We’re surrounded by people who are torn between. Each day, we see someone lose his/her faith in this city and people, and say “I’m leaving this place.” We want to neither take the responsibility to give them any advice nor lose them. We’re stuck in between! The ones who stay behind always think “What if?” Is it harder to go, or to stay? I’m not sure. But I love, admire and I am proud of the people who believe in this city. I know the more we have people like them, the further we’ll go. At this point, Mu reminds us what we’ve forgotten, but, most importantly, rekindled our belief in this city and its people. Those who are interested in the creative world know Mu from the project “Diary of Mu” while others will hear about him with the movie “Arada,” set in ‘90s Istanbul. We have to start somewhere so here he is!

A Lonely Process – Maxime Sokolinski

“Music chooses you, and then you spend the rest of your life figuring out how to make a living out of it!” says Maxime Sokolinski. We catch him after he finished his solo album called ‘Before the Rain Stops’. As he said making solo project is a “lonely process” but you will see how good is he to handle this. We had a brief disclosure between Istanbul and Paris with Maxime and his thoughts; his answers are to the point.

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