Dilan Ayyıldız

A New Generation of Designers: Ksenia Schnaider

Former Soviet countries such as Georgia, Russia and Ukraine have recently been dominating the fashion scene with local brands. One of them is Ksenia Schnaider preferred by many celebrities from Bella to Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga to Ellie Goulding. Founded in Kiev in 2011, the…

Undiscovered by the Underdeveloped Internet

Polly Borland has photographed many notable names from Nick Cave to Cate Blanchett, and from Mark Vessey to Sherald Lambden. Even Queen Elizabeth stood before her camera. But we’d like to direct our eyes from her masterful portrait photography towards her exhibition “The Babies” at…

Meet Akvile, the Marvelous Girl

We met Lucy the Confused Girl through Vice Magazine. Focusing on the trials and tribulations of a young, absent-minded and care-free girl named Lucy, this weekly comic series garnered attention both with its story and drawing style. Though Lucy, the series’ protagonist, has an unusual…

Deconstructing Helen Kirkum

Helen Kirkum is the characteristic touch we all need in this day and age when the unstoppable rise of sneakers continue but most brands’ collections have fallen into repetition. Having received the 2016 International Talent Support Accessories Award, founded to support young fashion designers, British designer stole the spotlight at the graduation show at her school, Royal College of Art. She rips and reattaches old sneakers in her collection Our Public Youth, which made a name for her. Positioning her work somewhere between art and fashion, Helen believes that both designers and consumers need to slow down a bit and take responsibility. Let’s get to know her better!

Shirin Neshat

Many of us got to know shirin neshat, who is one of the most famous iranian artists today, through her women of allah series, in which calligraphy adorned woman figures dressed in black and a rifle in their hands.

Graceful but Provocative

Many of us got to know Shirin Neshat, who is one of the most famous Iranian artists today, through her Women of Allah series, in which calligraphy adorned woman figures dressed in black and a rifle in their hands. Using photography and video as her medium, Neshat has been the creator of many provocative works throughout her career. In her works that generated both reaction and admiration, the artist explored various concepts like power, opposition, exile, individuality, collectiveness and security. But her main focus never changed: being a woman. Women characters, the difficulties she’s been through, pressures, being mixed up in affairs, questionings and doubts have always been the center of Neshat’s works.

Spora Tutkuyla Bağli Olanlar…

It’s the first time that a Latin American city is hosting the Summer Olympics, which is having it’s 31st anniversary. There couldn’t be a better fitting city than Rio de Janeiro for the olympics, with it’s beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and world-famous Maracana Stadium. The…

Pelin Opçin

Opening its doors on the 27th of June, Istanbul Jazz Festival is celebrating it’s 23rd birthday with more than twenty venues and the participation of more than 200 local and international artists, spreading all over the city. We talked about their new age and the festival with Pelin Opcin, who has been the director since 1994.

Emir Uras

After his education in London, Surrey and Los Angeles, Emir Uras established his design company URAStudio in 1995 in Los Angeles. Later, he moved his office to Istanbul in 1998 and put his signature on the interior designs of offices from many beloved brands such…

Yusuf Aygeç

If you follow the art scene in Istanbul, you must have already met Yusuf Aygeç. Aygeç interprets classic portraits by sometimes placing 3D glasses on subjects, other times setting a lollipop in their hands. This local artist who challenges his own inner world seems like he will be around for a while.

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