Defne Çağlar

Aslı Yılmaztürk

The wish to gain global success is clearer in social media, where there are no boundaries. The fact that Artxdesign creates this much hype and the fact that we talk about how the creator is one of us with its followers from abroad is strictly because of this.

Salt, Lena Pogrebnaya

“My main profession is architecture and it is the first thing that inspires me. Geometry, shapes, lighting, materials – I draw pictures in my head and then I start to realize its in life itself.” - Lena Pogrebnaya

Imagine the next step!

As artificial intelligence technology advanced, we found ourselves asking questions like “Will machines replace us?” While some follow the proceeds of this age with enthusiasm for it’s promises of the future, others believe that this transformation will debilitate the meaning of being human even further and look back to the past with nostalgia. As for us, we look at from the light of hope and ask, how will the possibilities of what the digital age brings facilitate our lives? How can we embrace this transformation?

Sahne Avcısı: Çağatay Odabaş

did you ever think about the affects the movies you’ve seen have on you, or how the scenario of your imaginary world can be taken from a movie? Çağatay odabaş begins talking about his intimacy with the movie screen by saying “i’m someone who’s seen…

Lady Gaga Owns The Superbowl Half-time Show

The most anticipated sports event of the year in America; the finals of NFL, Superbowl, is persistent in hooking people on their tv’s with it’s half-time shows, besides it’s cut throat sports game. Having world famous names like Madonna, Beyonce, and Coldplay perform in the…

The Invisible Paint – Taner Ceylan

He completely convinces us of his own reality; making us feel his chaos, freedom, pain… He takes us out of this world with colors, textures; locks a new emotion on his canvases with every little brushstroke. Taner Ceylan presents us the poetics of art, perhaps in a way we have never experienced before…

Amanda by Arda Asena

“I wanted to frame the invisibility of humans in the power of nature, which is a deteriorating concept nowadays as every landscape is rapidly being taken over by humanity. Çamlıhemşin is a village in Turkey located in Rize. While I was experiencing the place I…

Çirkin Gerçekler – Ali Elmacı

He uses humor even at the darkness of negativity, manages to grip anyone who let themselves go with his paintings… We listened to his eccentric world from Ali Elmacı, in which it’s heroes are characters and objects the world wouldn’t bring together in reality.

Les Benjamins 2017 – 2018 Autumn / Winter Collection

Les Benjamins, introduced it’s 2017 – 2018 Fall/Winter Collection in Paris Mens Fashion Week, in a spectacular presentation hosted in Pagoda Paris. Drawing inspiration from the rituals of ancient ages and the fundamental bond between humans and animals, the collection explores the Mongolian tradition while…