Defne Çağlar

Ugo Schiavi

French artist Ugo Schiavi explores the elements of contemporary art through the art of archeology; a field that most would associate with the “old”. By creating in various countries over the years, he adopted a multifaceted perception of art. And his last stop is İstanbul! We talked to Ugo while he was preparing for his solo exhibition Uprising at The Pill Gallery.


Although we don't always want to carry around with us, our memories - perhaps the most valuable of our existence - follow us wherever we go in life. But the place we lived in throughout our youth holds a special place.

Night Project

During my trip to the USA several months ago, I became very interested in Bright Design through the works of James Turrell, James Clar and Carlo Bernardini. I wanted to orient myself towards a work of reflection, color and light mixing with photography.

The Monster in the Room

Finding inspiration from the masters of neo-expressionism of the 70’s and 80’s, Yasemin Öncü is one to believe in the power of drawing. The artist who interprets the outer world through the dynamics of “monsters” has a lot to feed on from current life and popular culture!

From Selfie to Self-Expression

Saatchi Gallery and Huawei opened their new exhibition “From Selfie to Self-Expression”, the worlds first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie and celebrating the creative potential of the form of expression often derided.