Barış Fert

Arda Yalkın

“I value the language that mainstream media, cinema, and ads use and to abuse us, and I work to learn it and break it apart. By using this language in my works, I am after creating some sort of discomfort.” says Arda Yalkın.

Paul Scher

Interfering with past, future and certainly present time, Paula Scher told us about how she took up designing, her days at Pentagram, digitalized culture and…


We met Woodes, whose name we’ve been hearing a lot lately, at her favorite coffee shop in Melbourne. We talked about many issues including Flash Mob, Disconnect Festival, her future plans and inspirational sources…

She Past Away

We had a cosy interview with She Past Away and talked about the situation of Dark Wave in Turkey, Albert Camus, unforgettable concert memories and Dior Homme. Let us show you everything you need to know, which is below!

Saint Hoax

In this day and time where Bruce Jenner has evolved into Lady Caitlyn as if in attribution to Game of Thrones, we met Saint Hoax…