Erim Kocatepe


Seda Şen had already entered our radar with her style ... Seda embodies our longing for the past with her attitude that erases the chaos in the crowds, the serene stance that leaves style hunters competing with consumption frenzy and her time-defying attitude. "Seen" is the focus…

”Made in Italy” Marco Baldassari

From working as an agent to building an empire, Marco Baldassari gives all the goosebumps for the ultimate fashion experience. There is an unnerving busy-ness to Marco Baldassari and his daily planned schedule... The designer aims big and achieves to get the attention... He is…

Distorted Melodies: Alva Noto

We’re familiar with German artist and musician Carsten Nicolai, known as Alva Noto, for his original score of the movie The Revenant, the latest movie by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Basing the philosophy of his works on “reductionism,” the artist has been welcomed at famous venues…

Everything with David OReilly

Games used to be about winning and losing, but it’s all in the past; now it’s about living and gaining new experience. David OReilly’s innovative game Everything, which has raised curiosity in the gaming world, you can be everything and everyone from a mosquito to a vast…

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