Arts & Culture

Contemporary Istanbul

One of the most popular culture and arts events in the city, Contemporary Istanbul celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The fair will take place, as always, at Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) from November 12th to 15th.

Rajni Perera

A spirit who seems to be influenced by all that the environment provides, Rajni Perera has a magical power to turn her strong political view into a wonderful painting. Encompassing powerful subjects from immigrant culture to feminine sexuality, Rajni has a lot to say using colors.


“TOMAK… That’s a hard-hitting artist’s alias resonating like the crisp sound of a slap. The artist, a well-known rebel figure of the Austrian art scene, likes to refer to it as his nom de guerre, perhaps because his work furiously and proudly crusades against the bourgeois codes that dominate the contemporary art world.

Andres Serrano

Controversy has almost become the new norm circa 2015, with sex, nudity, drugs, and fetishes being discussed more than your average topics. One is more likely to come across the photograph of a nun and a priest during sexual intercourse than the family of four having dinner.

Douglas Hale

Artist Douglas Hale is taking us on a journey into the world of assemblage and mixed media; his works are at once calm and striking; each piece is a window into a world that is eerily familiar. Hale and I had a conversation about his creative process, and how he interprets the relationship between art, music, and the influences of culture.

Joana Kohen

It’s hard to put an artist in any box; they are rarely just a painter, or photographer, or a videographer. Multitasking is in their genes just like their creative urge. Joana is no different when it comes to being artist, yet she never finds it difficult to stand out in whatever she does.

Emin Alper

Having won many awards with his first feature film ‘Beyond the Hill’, Emin Alper’s new film ‘Frenzy’, which is about to come to the theaters this month, won the Jury’s Special Award in Venice Film Festival. “I wish this was an outdated film.

Wild, Modern & Parisienne

French artist Julien Nonnon colourized the streets and grey walls of Paris with his URBAN SAFARI project. The works by the artist have been on view at two different places in Paris for two months now.

Donald Cumming

Leaving behind his band The Virgins, Donald Cumming is in despair about the current state of music. His frankness about the industry, life and people is a result of the discovered pressures of band life, many a nights partying to the internal demon inside him, and then the wake-up call and the realisation that life goes on.