Sofar Sounds Istanbul

Music project Sofar (Sounds From A Room) brings talented local musicians together in house gigs with an audience who desperately runs away from big concerts, in 240 cities throughout the world.

Sonic Youth & 1986

Before the final soundtrack for Made In The USA there was a demo session recorded on tape, which didn’t make the final take. It’s by this very fortunate and fortuitous act that Kim Gorden and co are bequeathing us mere mortals a never-before-heard demo tape of ‘Theme With Noise’ – to be released on a new album called Spinhead Sessions.

Asian Dub Foundation

There are many different languages spoken in this land, but only one language that the fascist understand? Why don’t you? Kick the f.ckers in the head. To celebrate the 20th year of cult film “LA Haine” Asian Dub Foundation will have a special performance evening of April 20 in Babylon.

Baba Zula

We are in BabaZula’s studio in Maslak Oto Sanayii. The interior is like a world mosaic… In front of us lies an unopened luggage amongst instruments… The band spends more than half of the year on the road. Japan, Paris; anywhere in the world, as soon as the date for their concert is announced, the tickets get sold out.

Alper Bahçekapili

We talked about the course of the relationship between music and Istanbul with Alper Bahçekapılı who is a firm fan of listening to music, an author, and even a director. Status update according to him: We lack a few things but the situation is pretty good. Our music hasn’t stopped.

Cevdet Erek

Creating an atmosphere with sound We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that one of the most striking films of this year is Frenzy. The film inspires the audience in every sense. Cevdet Erek, the artist who made the sound design of this film is the one who transformed this chaotic atmosphere for the crowd.

Donald Cumming

Leaving behind his band The Virgins, Donald Cumming is in despair about the current state of music. His frankness about the industry, life and people is a result of the discovered pressures of band life, many a nights partying to the internal demon inside him, and then the wake-up call and the realisation that life goes on.


We met Woodes, whose name we’ve been hearing a lot lately, at her favorite coffee shop in Melbourne. We talked about many issues including Flash Mob, Disconnect Festival, her future plans and inspirational sources…

Bill Frisell

We had an intimate conversation with guitarist, composer and arranger Bill Frisell and talked about what jazz is to him, how he blends his whole life experience with music, and his concert at Zorlu Center PSM Drama Stage as part of the 25th Akbank Jazz Festival on October 23, 2015.

She Past Away

We had a cosy interview with She Past Away and talked about the situation of Dark Wave in Turkey, Albert Camus, unforgettable concert memories and Dior Homme. Let us show you everything you need to know, which is below!