Balanced Contrast: Weval

It’s hard to describe the magical atmosphere of Dutch electronic music duo Weval. With the combination of Merijn and Harm’s different musical backgrounds, they produce timeless and outstanding tracks.  Before Kompakt Night, we talked to them about how they have suddenly become one of the most…

Hepsine Ne Fena!

Having released their curiously-awaited latest album “FIRTINAYT” following their debut album “Full Faça,” Büyük Ev Ablukada has filmed its song “Hepsine Ne Fena.” Directed by Fatih Yılmaz, the band’s first music video turns into a crazy party at Tophane Rıhtım Stüdyosu and Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası…

Tropical Subculture: Sofi Tukker

We know them by their funky electro-style percussions, energetic live shows and charming music videos. In their new album “Treehouse” they introduce a rebel spirit along with the tropical vibes felt through their sounds and visuals. Here is a quick interview with them! What is…

Patterns of Minimal Constructions

Creating an idea, a product or an artwork from the bottom might be the most charming specialty of human begins. Having the ability to tell stories, reflecting emotions or sometimes provoking people with those forms of production could count as more glamorous and more genius.…

How Embedded Music is in Your Life?

Mu Tunç in conversation with Orkun Tunç Though we’ve talked about the movie ARADA many times, we haven’t met Orkun Tunç, the name behind the movie’s inspiration and soundtrack. We know that you’re as excited as we are when it comes to meeting someone who…

Dashy Boys: Hurts

It’s 2005. Two groups leave one of the bars in Manchester where music overflows into the streets, and start fighting in a way they probably won’t remember why. On both sides of the fight, there is a man who prefers to question why he’s there…

Disco Highlife

We begin a deep conversation about technology and music with producer and sound designer Alican Okan, who is also the co-founder of Audio Fil, because he contributed greatly to the renovation of minimüzikhol. He emphasizes that they’re trying to turn the venue into an experimental…

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