Will we be able to see the stars this summer?

Lalalar is a striking, surprising, acrid, vibrant combination of a trio that each has a very special place in the Turkish music scene with their individual careers. The group has gathered a meaningful audience with their interdisciplinary productions. Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Barlas Tan Özemek, and…

Soaring In Awe w/ Lara di Lara

It's as if some melodies are penetrating you, possessing you, and taking over the universe... Dilara's music is like seeing an old friend you haven't seen for many years, each time facing those familiar feelings that emerge from the depths of your soul... Adjectives can…

Once Upon a Time We Were All Kids

KIDS is an album that features perspectives from different generations all at the same time. Israeli electro-pop musician Noga Erez questions her relationships, fears, and renews her belief in art and music with this new work that she put the final touches on during the…

Auto-correct w/ Aleyna Tilki

Does everyone have to follow the same pattern? Who separates right from wrong? Aren't you tired of putting everyone you see in the same mold? With Aleyna Fox, we underline being able to be free, to be an individual but most importantly to remain original. …

The Magic of Rap

Rap is everywhere. In the clubs, in the radio and in our Spotify and Itunes lists. No other music genre is dominating the charts and Youtube-world more than Hip Hop. There is a global hype of Rap, for true. And this trend hit also Turkey.  …

Lin Pesto

We met Lin Pesto for the first time with her different interpretations of Turkish pop songs.With her mask and mystery, she quickly drew attention upon herself. But she's not just a mysterious cover musician. Lin Pesto has released her debut EP "Son" (End) recent month…

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