The Possibility of a Collective Healing

Melike Sahin describes her latest album “Merhem ” as a healing endeavor. This state of getting better not only involves the audience but also Şahin too, and the healing effect of the album also transmits to her. Then, with her song "Uykumun Boynunu Bükme", this…

Auto-correct w/ Aleyna Tilki

Does everyone have to follow the same pattern? Who separates right from wrong? Aren't you tired of putting everyone you see in the same mold? With Aleyna Fox, we underline being able to be free, to be an individual but most importantly to remain original. …

The Magic of Rap

Rap is everywhere. In the clubs, in the radio and in our Spotify and Itunes lists. No other music genre is dominating the charts and Youtube-world more than Hip Hop. There is a global hype of Rap, for true. And this trend hit also Turkey.  …

Lin Pesto

We met Lin Pesto for the first time with her different interpretations of Turkish pop songs.With her mask and mystery, she quickly drew attention upon herself. But she's not just a mysterious cover musician. Lin Pesto has released her debut EP "Son" (End) recent month…

M Music Presents

M Music Presents will meet with Istanbul audience for the first time with activities covering different areas of art, and will bring together musicians who reinterpret electronic music with their innovative perspectives. During the events to be hold between 25-28 April, Rebolledo, Superpitcher, Terr, Fantastic…

Emotional Poetries: The Blaze

Think of a structure that instinctively explores your essence of emotions. Imagine a simple yet profound melody which creates a comfort zone for you to close your eyes, embrace each beat. We all know, it needs to be happening naturally. It needs to be produced…

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