Think of someone who’s inspired by reality! From her conversations with her father at a very young age to her adventure of style, Bilge Yenigül’s originality takes us to somewhere between old French movies and the early ‘90s rock scene. As social media expands into our lives, Bilge becomes one of our favorites with her globally-renowned posts and style that features vintage details! We start a conversation with Bilge, who catches details that offer us a different perspective about Istanbul, that begins with social media and fashion and mingles with the city.

Can you describe your job in a few words?

I don’t really have a job. I think doing things is my job.

“I met vintage when I felt bored of wearing and using the same things as everyone else.”

Güneş Gözlükleri / Sunglasses: Calvin Klein #calvinklein205w39nyc T-Shirt: Madeworn / Jeans: Balenciaga / Canta / Bag: Balenciaga

How much your upbringing affected your professional life?

More than I could guess! I approach and respect people the same way I learned from and observed in my family. No matter who it is, I think it’s a very important advantage.

The first word you could think about yourself?



How did your relationship with fashion begin?

Thanks to my father! He loves dressing up and creates a different combination every day. I’ve never seen him wear the same thing twice. When I was a kid, he’d invite me in and let me comment on the combination he’d wear the next day. We’d talk about fabrics and patterns for a long time.

How do you train your eye?

By constantly observing; I observe everything in an insane way. Imagery and observation are very interesting to me as a result of my study of Industrial Design at Istanbul Technical University.

I’m excited and enthusiastic about life!”

What do you think it means to have a style?

To be aware of one’s self! I always ask “Would Bilge wear this?” and I make decisions based on the answer.

 Do you have an Istanbul routine?

Drinking tea at Hazzo Pulo. I’m astonished by the fact that the Bosphorus connects two important continents of Asia and Europe.


How did you adventure with vintage begin?

I met vintage when I felt bored of wearing and using the same things as everyone else.

Are there people who influence you and inspire your style?

I think I’m influenced by everyone. I can even be inspired by the style of someone I see on the subway.


“Having a style means being aware of one’s self! I always ask “Would Bilge wear this?” and I make decisions based on the answer.”

What excites you the most nowadays?

I’m very excited about trying and learning acting. I’m starting to discover a brand new me.

A book you’ve read more than once?

“The Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley.

A formula to be creative in today’s world?

Not being satisfied! This is the way to stay creative.

Do you think earning a reputation on Instagram is about being creative or being a good observer?

Both! By interpreting your observations through creativity, you can stand out from among the crowd.

A question you’re bored of hearing about social media?

“Why do you have so many followers?” I don’t know. But I’m very happy that I have them!

How would you define your perspective of life?

I’m excited and enthusiastic about life!

The most exciting and inspiring thing that happened recently?

Taking acting lessons has changed a lot of things. Even physically! I had a lisp and even that’s changed.


In Partnership with Calvin Klein
Creative Direction: Duygu Bengi
Interview: Zeynep Şahin
Fashion: Burak Sanuk
Photography: Burcu Karademir
Videography: Cemre Okyay
Fashion Assistant: Arın Tunç