It’s impossible not to fall for Hazar’s unending energy and her vibrant personality behind her calm outlook… Hazar discovered herself in her teens with the theatre, saying “Like any other teenager, I was going through a weird phase, I was very unhappy and peevish. I started the Nicosia Municipal Theatre upon a recommendation and it all happened there; my whole life changed.” She mentions the stage as a place where she “for the first time felt unjudged, a place where she had the freedom to go wild, where she felt completely accepted” as who she was. This natural flow of things brought her a Derviş Zaim movie, and she begins. She talks about that unpretentious period of knowing her success as a period where she was “extremely excited because I was a self conscious child. In a way I thought the reason why he picked me was due to my success. I couldn’t believe it even until the last day of set.” After being introduced to the theatre, she had going to the conservatoire on her mind. She prepared for two years and then took the exams in Istanbul. Hazar says “Fortunately I came to this city.” She defines Istanbul as life itself: “There are so many bad things in life, but living is so beautiful and it’s not something that is dispensable. So is Istanbul. Despite the pains we witness, the destruction, it’s still beautiful.”

Elbise / Dress: Maje/ Harvey Nichols Sütyen / Bra: Zeynep Tosun Kolye ve Küpeler / Necklace & Earrings: Kısmet by Milka Madalyon Yüzükler / Locket Rings: Cem Lokmanhekim Boyunluk / Collar: Editöre Ait / Editor’s Own

She defines acting, which is center of Hazar’s life as “Life itself!” “I don’t know what I would do if I haven’t been doing this job.” With acting comes a sense of curiosity and it overlaps with her perspective for life.

Hırka / Cardigan: Marc Jacobs / Beymen Elbise / Dress: Saint Laurent/ Beymen Kolye ve Küpeler / Necklace & Earrings: Kısmet by Milka Boyunluk / Collar: Editöre Ait / Editor’s Own

We believe that her choices are as successful as her acting is. “When I evaluate a scenario, I first look at the character and the story. I care whether the character is concerned with something”, we guess this the reason why her acting creates flawless end results.

Hazar continually transforms between successful series to films, through various characters. She says “Transitional periods are very difficult for me. Get insomnia when I’m shaping a character.”

Emre Erdoğdu’nun yazıp yönettiği yeni filmi “Kar” gerçeği arayan ve bulamayan, bu süreç içerisinde dibe vuran insanların hikayesi. Bu filmde, “Müzeyyen” karakterine hayat veriyor. “Asla unutamayacağım karakterlerden biri oldu. Çok severek çalıştım ama çok sancılı bir süreçti. Müzeyyen saldırgan bir kız ve onun saldırganlığına bürünmek benim için tahmin ettiğimden daha zor oldu. Çok enteresan ve zorlayıcı bir süreçti. Filmi heyecanla ben de bekliyorum.” diyor.

Bluz / Blouse: İpek Kıramer Etek / Skirt: Academia/ Beymen Sütyen / Bra: Eres Madalyon Yüzükler / Locket Rings: Cem Lokmanhekim Bilezikler / Bracelets: Louis Vuitton Madalyon Bilezik / Locket Bracelet: AU Vintage Boyunluk / Collar: Editöre Ait / Editor’s Own

She has a good connection with social media but Hazar says “For a while now, I’ve been trying not to follow the current agenda,” she is afraid of what she may come across. Because the more one knows, the more they are scared, polluted and consumed. I try to achieve the joy of not knowing.” She is aware of how important social media is for her work. Her fragility increases her interaction with comments but; “Good critique gets somebody going and slows one down, bad critiques demoralize people and slows one down.” She tries to follow this world without judgment and holding at bay.

Elbise / Dress: Beymen Collection Hırka / Cardigan: Jil Sander/ Brandroom Ayakkabı / Shoes: Balenciaga/ Beymen Yüzükler ve Küpeler / Rings & Earrings: Kısmet by Milka Kolye & Madalyon Yüzükler/ Necklace & Locket Rings: Cem Lokmanhekim Çiçek uçlu kolye ve kare ve yuvarlak madalyonlu yüzükler, Cem Lokmanhekim Halhal / Bangle: Hazal’a Ait / Hazal’s Own

“Given that it’s a job open to criticism, one of the biggest handicaps is to fall into a defenseless position.”

Triko & Şort / Pullover & Shorts: Cashmere in Love Çorap / Pantyhose: Penti Küpeler & Yüzükler / Earrings & Rings: Kısmet by Milka Madalyon Yüzükler / Locket Rings: Cem Lokmanhekim Bileklikler / Bracelets: Gazzas

She mentions that she was deeply affected by the movie “Rose Water” which she has recently seen. The film tells the story of a London based journalist in Iran where she gets arrested. “It is a very beautiful film which holds the questions whether it’s more important for a mother to leave her child or be a traiter.”

Hazar wishes of her career to take a start from series and films, she says “I don’t know when or how, I will do it. I think what I need is to batter and feed myself. I know the satisfaction I look for is in the theatre.”.

Elbise / Dress: Karen Millen/ AU Vintage Madalyon Kolye, Küpeler ve Boyunluk / Locket Necklace, Earrings & Collar: Editöre Ait / Editor’s Own


Your morning routine?

I drink black coffe as soon as I wake up, I wash my face with Clarifex and try not to talk to anyone for half an hour.

Coffee or tea?

Of course coffee.

A must-have in your fridge?



Steak filet, buffalo yogurt and green salad.

Which actor inspires you to push your limits?

Meryl Streep.

The latest film you’ve watched?

“Rose Woter” directed by Jon Steward. It was really impressive.

The latest play you’ve seen?

“Köprüden Görünüş” was amazing.

What was the last song you sang, do you remember?What was the last song you sang, do you remember?

Pulp Fiction – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon.

Which book are you reading?

“Women Who Run With The Wolves”

Which website is on your daily radar?


Is there a magazine you follow?

Based İstanbul, Pulbiber.

Your favorite TV series?

I don’t watch series right now.

A film that you can watch over and over?

Amores Perros.

Which song can you play endlessly?

While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Your favorite musical period?

The 80’s.

Instagram or Snapchat?


Favorite piece in your wardrobe?

A leather jacket.

Do you work out?

Yes, I do cross fit.

Your idol?

Zerrin Tekindor and Meryl Streep.

Do you have any obsessions?

For example, I can’t bear a glass on the edge of a table. Wherever we are I would pull it back, because the glass most dedifinitely always falls.

Your motto?

Accepting things the way they are.

A word you use the most?

I guess my most common word is “I’m sorry”.

Your favorite film scene?

The scene where Matilda takes her flower pot next to Leon in the movie Leon.

Best book adaptation in cinema?

The Harry Potter series.

Your essential application?


Your screensaver?

The work of an artist called Rimel Neffati who photographs
and draws herself.

Fotoğraf / Photography: Zeynep Özkanca
Röportaj / Interview: Duygu Bengi
Moda Editörü / Fashion Editor: Pınar Aytaş
Saç & Makyaj / Hair & Make-up: Önder Tiryaki
Fotoğraf Asistanı / Photography Asistant: Mert Abedan
Moda Editörü Asistanı / Fashion Editor Asistant: Havva Yeşilyurt
Saç & Makyaj Asistanı / Hair & Make-up Assistant: Mete Yiğit
Oje / Nailpolish: Christian Louboutin Beauté
Lokasyon / Location: SOHO HOUSE ISTANBUL