When you first meet Henrie Kwushue on social media, you might think she has a burst of energy and a positive mood most of the time. You are not wrong either. That’s right, the Henrie is like a toy that doesn’t run out of battery. She’s a social media lover, gamer, she’s a music radar and loves to talk, but that’s not all that defines her. Talking about social issues is also very important for Henrie. She tries to raise awareness about race and gender equality, “Is Your Area Changing?” It has a documentary series called, nominated for a MOBO award in the UK. We wanted to introduce you to Henrie, who has inspired us recently.

Can you imagine a future without social media as a content creator?

I don’t think I can imagine a future without social media as a content creator because all of the content that we interact with today literally exists on social media, therefore I can’t imagine where else we could consume content as well as create it if it wasn’t for social media. Social media allows content to go viral and enables people who aren’t in your community to enjoy it as well which I think is incredible.

I know you care about race and gender equality issues. What would it be if there was only one thing you could do to raise awareness on this issue?

If there’s one thing I could do to raise awareness on these issues, And I had inexhaustible resources, I would probably have a daytime TV show about equality as a whole and how it’s affecting or different types of people across the nation and the world. this is because daytime TV is probably what a lot of people would watch in the first place, and these issues are really spoken about on daytime TV so it would be kind of revolutionary.

Is there a type of music genre you can’t stand to hear?

I think heavy metal is my least favourite genre.

What has been the most inspiring moment in your life? 

The most inspiring moment in my life was when I was nominated for a MOBO award here in the UK. That was such a huge moment for me because I was never expecting it and I was nominated for best personality, purely based on the content I’d already put out at the start of my career.  Just starting out and I already have a MOBO award nomination. Incredible.

The first documentary series of your’s “Is Your Area Changing?”, how did it come about? What did you aim while creating this series?

So, “Is Your Area Changing?” came after I’d just graduated from university. In those three years that I’d left London, my area had changed completely. I felt that it was really important to document because it seemed like everyone was talking about it amongst themselves, but there had never been any actual content created from it. The aim was to basically get people talking; to raise awareness about the good side and the bad side of gentrification and to document the drastic change in a few well-known areas of London over the past couple of decades.

Which songs that remind you of your childhood?

A few songs that reminds me of my childhood have to be: Destiny’s Child –  Bootylicious; Christina Aguilera –  Genie in a Bottle;  Nelly and Ashanti – Always on Time; Chipmunk – Who are you;  N-Dubz – Better Not Waste My Time

Is there any weird habits that you picked that up during the pandemic?

I play a lot of things now because of the pandemic, and I’ve downloaded some mods that allow me to change up the gameplay drastically. So now, my Sim can have a gold tooth, an Afro and an eyebrow piercing and still be a babysitter lol.

What was the most memorable moments and episodes from the “Who We Be TALKS” podcast?

Having Saweetie on the show was incredible. I think she was our most international artist to date, and that is a moment in and of itself.

What if we ask you to describe the year 2020? Let’s add some challenge, how about doing this; by handwriting, drawing, photographing or recording?

Analogue or digital?

Analogue. Because I want to see the clock as 8 in the morning or evening. Not at 8 or 20:00.

Are you getting excited while you are starting new episode on your radio show, do you have any totems that relax you?

I get a bit nervous before doing radio. But one thing that relaxes me is talking to my producer for 15 minutes beforehand just about things that have been up to that week.

Is there a day when you didn’t talk from morning till night, how was it?

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t spoken from morning until night. I need to have a holiday.

If you weren’t doing your current job, what profession would you choose?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher to smaller kids.  They’re the funniest and tell you how it is.

A TV show or movie a movie you will never get tired of watching?

Bob’s Burgers.

Which song was in the first place in your Spotify streams in this year?

Headie One ft Young T & Bugsey – Princess Cuts 

What’s next?

Hopefully I get to do some more TV stuff that would be very exciting. I would love to DJ abroad as well. 

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