Accompanied by Dice Kayek, we are embarking on a journey of intrigue and glamour, of mystery and murder… For Dice Kayek’s new movie “Who Killed Phillip Stone”, which will be screened on this year’s Paris Fashion Week, you are invited to participate in a game of “whodunit” around Istanbul’s illustrious hotel, the Pera Palace. Taking the hotel back to its golden days in the ’60s with its 13-person cast, glamourous costumes, and unique crew, the film turns Dice Kayek collection promo into a visual feast.

In the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, Dice Kayek blends its unique approach to post romanticism with the original references of the century, this time portraying the characters of an Agatha Christie-esque tale. The collection’s short film, filmed by the frequent collaborator and world-famous director Marie Schuller, includes familiar faces that are a part of Dice Kayek family, along with revered actors from Turkey.   You are invited to solve this mysterious murder in the magical atmosphere of Pera Palace, with the help of a phenomenal cast and the Dice Kayek Autumn/Winter 2021 collection!

Was it the bell boy, the night guard, singer, heiress, or ingénue?

Turkey’s one of the most powerful representative in the fashion world, Dice Kayek’s strong ties to art and architecture is reinterpreted in a dramatic language. Dice Kayek turns fashion films, which are frequently utilized by the contemporary fashion world, into a seasonal ritual with the help of over 10 years of collaborative work with Marie Schuller and fictionalizes her AW/21 collection with a short film.  Set against an Ottoman masterpiece of neoclassical architecture, Dice Kayek takes on a whimsical adventure to determine who killed notorious playboy, Phillippe Stone. Abound with 1960’s cinematic influence, playful twists and turns, unique female characters wearing Dice Kayek’s glamorous designs…With the season’s volumes, short cocktail frocks, and jewel-embroidered separates shown in black and white with bold accents that are reminiscent of the stars of silent films, every look is a secret nuance to highlight each female character’s mysterious world. Silhouettes with a sleek, cartoon-like quality adorn the dazzling hotel guests as they retrace their steps to catch the mysterious villain in their midst.

The film operates around an exclusively Turkish cast, men and women of character with deep ties to the Dice Kayek universe. Ahu Yagtu, Hatice Aslan, and Selma Ergec demonstrate their acting prowess as a powerful female ensemble, with spirited cameos by the likes of Candan Ercetin as the singing diva, Burak Hakki, Rafael Cemo Cetin, and Yaz Yuceil among others… This season, Ece Ege, one of the founders of the brand which adds a cinematographic language to fashion films, highlights her encounter with this iconic hotel which inspired this year’s collection that embodies Agatha Christie’s novel, Murder on the Orient Express, “Both our film and our collection are contemporary adaptations of this novel. My biggest inspiration is always architecture. I mean, it’s always been like that since we first created this brand in 1992. Dice Kayek dresses have a pattern that fits geometric and architectural bases. Over time, with the sense of time, of course, colors, lengths, and volumes change, but there is always this architectural structure.” 

For us, the creative force of the brand, which always feeds on the chaos of Istanbul and creates designs beyond time and the fact that they never seem to lose their enthusiasm despite being over 30 years old is a greater mystery than this murder… The other half of the brand, Ayşe Ege, briefly sums up the whole thing; “There is a saying in French, ‘l’air du temps.’ It means feeling something that belongs to the moment, that period, or something about that feeling. Goes on without never losing enthusiasm. ” 

The chaos here is very attractive, very creative. Istanbul is a place that motivates people. Paris is the opposite, calmer, calmer, more emotional. The combination of these two is already one of the main phenomena of Dice Kayek. I mean, a calmness in that chaotic storm. – Ece Ege

We witnessed lots of glamorous and adrenaline-filled moments while accompanying Dice Kayek during the shoot…But what really excited us was the perfect harmony of fashion with cinema, the soul of the timeless designs, and most importantly, to experience the endless pleasure of producing under any circumstances with a huge team.  As we bid farewell to the magical world of Dice Kayek, a single sentence is echoed in our minds! “A calmness in that chaotic storm.” While defining the brand’s spirit with this sentence, was Ece Ege aware that she was making the most concrete expression of the passion between a brand and its designer that could ever be made? 

EIC & CD: Duygu Bengi
Content Editor: Sıla Demiral
Art Director: Ecem Tungaz
Photography: Yağız Yeşilkaya
Camera Crew: Hasan Kocabaş, Umut Killioğlu
Editing: Ahmet Akıncı
Production: BI Creative