The renowned luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins blazes a trail with his new collaboration with the famous dog brand V.I.P Puppies. The new capsule collection is the collective product of the chief designer of Les Benjamins womenswear Lamia Al Otaishan and the founders of V.I.P Puppies brand Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas. The long-awaited collection blends the Les Benjamins comfort and luxury with V.I.P Puppies stylish touch. With its colorful alternatives, the collection consisting of hoodies, vests, collars, and special carrying bags offer a chic and funny sense of fashion for our beloved companions and their owners.

How did your paths cross with VIP brand? What is the motivation behind the idea of making a capsule collection for dogs? 

Lamia: I’m friends with Sabrina and I knew her and Katerina had a dog brand named VIP. We all are dog lovers and this was a perfect match for Les Benjamins.

Which detail did you care about the most while producing together? What elements regarding the DNA’s of the two brands does this collection have? 

Sabrina & Katerina: We created different types of tie-dye and settled on one, choosing the second hoodie to be more neutral. Combining both Logos suited the collection very well, also choosing the right fit of hoodies that are cozy and comfy was very important to us.

Why do you think a capsule collection for dogs is important? 

Lamia: We wanted people and ourselves to match with our puppies and that’s what makes it important cause it’s not something you can find easily.

The collection creates a connection between the dog and its owner, what inspired you while designing? 

Lamia: We all have a connection with our dogs and I feel matching is something special. We all worked hand in hand and made it happen by having calls between Istanbul, Athens, and New York. I would say that was inspiring that we made it happen throughout everything that was happening in the world.

Sabrina & Katerina: We wanted to design pieces that fit the dogs and their owners. We think there is a connection between their owners and their dogs, and owning a brand that produces matching clothes will add an additional link so you can apply your own personal style to your dog.

While the future of this collection is on the horizon, the creative team continues to excite us with possible scenarios of other products such as dog beds, food containers and health products. Check out or to be part of this exclusive journey of modern comfort for you and your dog!