We would not be mistaken if we say, Bastien Tomasini, a multidisciplinary artist, also known as OverSide, creates a modern french touch with his works for the collective art heritage. One of the most striking details in the works of the Nice-born artist is the personal signature he hides in each painting. Saying that no touch is a coincidence, @overside.fr invites every art lover to an equally personal and collective incarnation of the past and the future…

How do you define your art? 

I see myself as a digital artist who is mostly involved with photography but I also have a mixed media side where I use materials such as acrylic, spray can, resin, and gold leaves… I love transforming and sublimating the reality in which we live. The goal is to sublimate the reality of my daily life. I take something and I transform it by means of storytelling. My fundamental purpose is to tell a story.

When did your interest in art turn into a profession? 

After living in Rio de Janeiro for 6 years, I came back to France and started to transform my work as a photographer into something more artistic where I would tell the story of my travels through artistic collections. Then everything just kind of happened and I got in touch with a gallery through mutual contacts.  

“I started to transform my clichés into something more artistic.”

What’s the meaning behind your pseudonym and signature artistic? 

Overside, literary, means getting over, to go beyond people’s opinions. I did everything I’ve done because I believed that I wanted to do it. As an artist, this freedom is a privilege, to be able to realize, not to be afraid of what others might think. Everything I say is completely connected to the ‘crown’ which is the main part of all my paintings and also my signature. This crown of thorns represents the power itself, the power of all those people who are judged, criticized, and above all crucified. Public opinion has crucified them, that’s why I place it on their heads. 

As an artist, what you do when you lack inspiration? 

I rarely lack inspiration. The truth is, everything inspires me; my travels, my encounters, music, films, and especially people… 

You often collaborate with artists in your paintings, how do you choose your art partners? 

I think I always play by ear. Because in the end, I think that there is no purer truth other than our own emotions. My collaborations have never been and are not strategic. 

What makes you include important figures like Basquiat, Warhol, and Monroe in your paintings?

These are people who inspire me, people who have done great things and left their mark on our history. I felt the need to represent their legacy. 

What are you thinking about “marché de l’art” and the gallery culture in Paris? 

It’s really important to be a part of a gallery because galleries actually represent the artist’s character. About two years ago I met Ellia Art Gallery in Paris, which allowed me to tell my story through my works. I love the spirit of this gallery which is innovative and singular, always thinking outside the box. 

“Ellia Art Gallery is the gallery that never sleeps…”

On the art market, it’s funny because there are no rules. During a global pandemic, many sectors collapsed but art skyrocketed. So, people started spending less money because they stopped going out and with that money, they redecorated their house with artworks. 

What the future holds for you? 

A lot of work, because I intend to leave my mark on this world. 

A color? 

Mediterranean Blue 

A piece of art to die for? 

The creation of Adam by Micheal Ange 

Your latest discovery on Spotify? 

Bon Entendeur – L’amour joue au violon

Which artist would you want to meet in person if you could? 

Andy Warhol

An assumption about being an artist that is actually wrong? 

The fact that an artwork’s creation process is easy and simple. People do not see the amount of work and time that is required to create that artwork.  

Show us your selfie style!

Photo Credits: Ellia Art Gallery 
Gallery Representative: Deniz Demirer 
Cover Photo: Dominique DASS