“Istanbul’s tempo would be a dissertation in and of itself.” Think about a city fullfilled with laughter, sadness and constant rush. Where there is chaos, there is excitement. With this excitement sometimes we find ourselves not enjoying the moment. We meet with Duygu to talk about How to deal with “time while re-discovering the most precious city!

When you feel the most rush, what happens to you?

I’m anxious and excited during the day. It doesn’t have to be an extraordinary day. Not many people can describe me as “calm.” But if mean extra. I think my control system is very strong . I can match the feeling of adrenalin and with practise and I can solve any problem that comes to me.  When I rush because of stressing too much I feel like I can not show my true potential which is a fact in my life.

What do you think anon the constant tempo of İstanbul?

Istanbul’s tempo would be a dissertation in and of itself. I think everyone who experienced this city would agree with me. In this city, I’m always very hyped and tired. I still cannot figure out how.

Can we describe you as a punctual person?

I used to be very obsessed about punctuality. I’m still very stressed to think about making other people wait. If I’m going to be late, I always let them know. Sometimes I can be late max 10-15 minutes. But maybe my friends would feel against this.

What is the one thing that changes in constant in İstanbul?

The thing that changes fastest in Istanbul is structures. We always see new buildings emerging, or the disappearance of something that was last week. It kind of makes me think about the game Sim City I used to play as a kid.

What is the thing that you always see and still makes you feel excited?

I’ve been living in this city for the past nine years but I still feel as excited to see the cityscape from the bridge as I was the first time. Whenever I look at the city form above, I find it very surrealistic to think about the history and the memories it harbors.

”Timeless” means to you ?

Timeless does not always means classic. There are so many authentic people, books, items and clothes than can be timeless. It kinda means immortality in some sense. The way you shape the era you live in can make you timeless for me.  After so many years revolutionary things are still mean revolutionary.

One thing you can only see in the streets of İstanbul?

Being stuck in your car for two hours between Asia and Europe is a daily experience that has been normalized only in Istanbul.

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