Where can I go? I don’t like working out by myself. I don’t have the time. Nike has thought about every excuse you say to postpone working out, and it has an answer that’ll make sports more meaningful, accessible, and most importantly, more pleasant for you. Nike’s new project “Çık, Oyna” in which young and professional sports from various sports come together with celebrities invites everyone to work out. One of Turkey’s National Football Team stars Arda Turan and Abdülkadir Ömür, Taekwondo World Champion National Athlete İrem Yaman and 400m Hearing Impaired Olympics, World and Europe Champion Yasin Süzen support “Çık, Oyna” in addition to actress Melisa Şenolsun, Elvin Levinler and actor Birkan Sokullu. 17-year-old Berdan Bozkurt from Dudulluspor Women’s Football Team, BMX driver Taner Erdaş, Freerunner Emir Ünder, Sam Gizer Sözer from Dans Fabrika team are among the pioneers of this movement.

When I work out, I feel more comfortable, happier, freer and more successful.” Melisa Şenolsun

Offering a busy schedule, the movement “Çık, Oyna” will gather sports fans with events about football, running and dance with the support from brands such as MACfit, Boyner, Rakipbul, Cihangir Yoga, Dans Fabrika and Urban Riders.

”The quickest way to understand life is to work out. As you work out, you know yourself, learn about your boundaries and try to improve them. Therefore, what I’m saying is that you should work out whatever your level or discipline is. Go out and play.” Arda Turan

“Actually, I’m competing with myself. I advise everyone who wishes to overcome themselves to go out and play.” İrem Yaman

50 MacFit gyms in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara; Cihangir Yoga’s Bağdat Street and İstinye branches; Urban Riders; and Dans Fabrika will be open for all Nike members early in the morning until midnight on May 19-20.

“I want to prove myself. First to myself and then to everyone. I may not hear you but I can listen to myself. Then I find myself running. I invite everyone who wishes to break the boundaries to work out with me.” Yasin Süzen

“I know that working out is the thing that’ll give me strength when I’m tired the most, that will give me time when I have it the least, and one of the best things I could do for myself.” Elvin Levinler

Throughout the campaign, users active on NTC and NRC application can use MacFits free of charge for three days between May 23 and June 3.

Nike offers the chance to register and participate free of charge to various sports activities on nike.com/cikoyna.

Forget the excuses; get out and play! Nike has already figured out the rest!

”Working out increases one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. It enables you to be happier with a more positive perspective.” Abdülkadir Ömür



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