Ahmet Emin Hondor is the only person you should have with you as you surrender yourself to the pace of Istanbul. Forget what happens where tonight, the best place for a coffee break or how you should look – just follow him faithfully. We go a bit out of the frame and use words while wandering the streets of Istanbul.

What’s your phone wallpaper?

For a long time, I’ve been using designs by a friend of mine who draws illustrations for fashion shoots. I’m very impressed by the emotion, approach and depth they carry. When I use photographs, I usually prefer those with a strong presence or that conveys a deep sense of emotion.

Who do you talk to the most on the phone?

My friends and my self-help coach. But I usually prefer communicating by writing.

What’s your latest discovery in the city?

A café on the Riva road! Surrounded by a forest view that resembles a location I deem my “happy place.” The blend of tall giant trees and sunlight have a meditative effect on me.

Can you tell us something that will never go out of fashion?

Black jeans and self-confidence. It’s two things but it’s hard to choose! (laughs)

What have you last watched on Netflix?

The Last Shaman and Queer Eye. The sheer difference between these picks is actually a summary of my life.

How would you describe a perfect Sunday?

One that is spent with dogs and lovely people on a warm spring day. You can add a Bloody Mary to the picture if it’s to be perfect.