20 is the age when everything is possible! You’ll rediscover this energy in Maje’s creative and modern world.

By collaborating with new generation artists, photographers, painters and video producers, Maje offers them the freedom to write the next chapter of the brand’s story. Designed in three themes, the campaign takes place in iconic destinations such as Morocco, Paris and the U.K. with the concepts of friendship, family life and love while Maje rebuilds the image of woman.

maje - Yasmin Wijnaldum

Captured by nine artists, the Maje woman is represented by Yasmin Wijnaldum, who is also a part of the new campaign. Timeless values are portrayed by photographer Thurstan Redding at Ouzoud Waterfalls in Moyen Atlas, as Parisienne identity and family life, in Mark Peckmezian’s candid pictures, and in Coco Capitan’s frames in London as representatives of contemporary and artistic spirit. It makes for a spectacular creation that symbolizes the development of the brand spanning 40 countries.