Biricik Suden is the embodiment of being secure in one’s skin. It feels so good to talk to someone who knows what she wants, and is rid of all burdensome details and worries of daily life… Keep on reading and you’ll better understand what I mean.

We think Biricik Suden is a bit utopic and iconic. And, whether you like it or not, she has something to say about you too. How does it feel being devoted to your freedom so much?

It’s been a long time since I last cared about the positive and negative things people think or say about me. This is what it takes to be devoted to your freedom.

When did you stop letting life drawing your boundaries?

At a very early age, when I learned that we’re mortal beings. Life was already limited; it shouldn’t ask anything more from me.

How do you think a woman’s style comes into shape?

Style begins when you stop comparing yourself to others, and start caring only about yourself. It’s something egotistical.

Misophonia perfectly reflects your style. How did you turn your style into a brand?

Developing brands cannot reflect a designer’s style as long as they have commercial interest. I’m trying to keep these kinds of deviations to a minimum.

I’ve always imagined and created things that I wish to see in my life, my soul, my surroundings, and on my body. I trusted All Stars to turn this passion into a brand. I just imagine and create, and leave the rest to them.

What kind of strategy do you have for Misophonia? Will it deviate from the season?

Yes! Misophonia will always follow an untrodden path which offers new products and leads away from the season.

We believe that there’s a lovely implication in the name of the brand. Are we obsessed with words?

Misophonia is the name of a disease I have. It’s not widely known though many people have it. I wanted to contribute to its awareness.

I think that the answer “no” doesn’t suit you. How do you deal with it when things don’t go your way?

It depends on what it’s about and how much I want it. If I put my mind to it, it will definitely go my way. I don’t rush things; I’m patient and get what I want sooner or later. If I don’t think it’s worth the effort, I can easily find something else that will make me happier.

Tell us a false fact about fashion.

That what’s in fashion is also passé.

Is there a designer that excites you the most recently?

I admire Iris Van Herpen.

Different phases in life enable individuals to explore different styles they have. To what direction your style has recently evolved?

The more sports is embedded in my life, the more I enjoy clothes that do not limit my body language or movements.

You once said, “I keep Mazhar not in my hand but in my heart. Who can take this away from me?” I’m curious to hear your definition of love.

You might be expecting a romantic definition but I’ll tell you that love that sweeps you off your feet is all about hormones. It’s important that your hormones work properly, and that you regularly have them checked.

I cannot live without you.

I can and I am. I just want to share this beauty with you.

I’m so in love I cannot find anything wrong with you.

No, I find some things very annoying but these seem trivial compared to your better qualities.

You’re my other half.

No, I’m already one. You should put half of yours to somewhere else.

I want to be with you the rest of my life.

No, I cannot know that. I’m happy with you today. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

More Biricik!

Is it true that your name was inspired after Brigitte Bardot?

Yes, it was. That song was playing on the radio when my parents were thinking a name for me.

What kind of impression would you like to leave on someone you just met?

It’s irrelevant to me. He or she will see me in her own capacity.

How is your usual day?

I wake up around 5 am and do a 1-hour cardio between Tarabya and Sarıyer. Then comes breakfast, playing with my furry friends, rowing or body building exercise based on the day, workshop or research, shopping after work, cooking, family time, and bed at 10 pm.

Who’re you talking to the most on the phone?

I don’t like talking on the phone.

What’s the word you use the most?

I don’t have a favorite word. When someone asks me something trivial or personal, I usually say “Why do you need to know that?”

Which songs do you listen to nowadays?

Güzel Şeyler de Oluyor (from the new album) by MFÖ and The Only One by Lushlife Project.

What does Sunday mean to you?

Family, fisher restaurant, tai-chi, and peace.

Biricik Suden for Based Istanbul from Based Istanbul on Vimeo.

Photography by Fora Norman