Taking her passion for shirts and hats one step further, Marie Marot created a label out of her “Less is more” motto she adopted from her personal style. The emerging designs are must-have key pieces if you are interested in a timeless elegance. Describing her collections as “turning her wardrobe must-haves into contemporary classics”, Marie Marot reveals the nuances in her personality every day more and more when we consider the puns and play on words behind her latest collection. For this very reason, she leads the way among the names we should get to know better as soon as possible!

Why did you want to start your own label?

I’ve been collecting shirts and hats for so many years, so I think it was a natural process to produce my own. It’s like an obsession.

Why “les chemises and hats?” What’s your perception of fashion?

I like when the outfit is close to the uniform. I think having to many choices confuses people’s minds and they lose their sense of style. My clothing is designed to follow women from day to night.

What is the most sexual thing a woman can wear in your opinion?

A shirt and a jean… It is the epitome of chic, refinement and grace.

For your 2014-15 fall/winter collection you were influenced by men who were emblematic of their times. What’s behind this?

For this collection I did a clutch, bag and hat. It was called ‘Almost all my heroes are dead « It was about an exploration of common references from which I extracted new meanings through my eminently personal style of puns and play on words. I developed the pantheon of my heroes, men who were a symbol of their time while remaining modern and timeless. Each within his own medium – words, music, still images or moving pictures – every single one of them sensitive and revolutionary, evoking youth, subversion and an uncompromising sense of freedom. We have all learned from these geniuses: sensitivity with Moz[art], insubordination with [War]hol, adventure with Heming[way], individuality with B[as]quiat, shock with Bu[ko]wski and limitlessness with [God]ard.

Would you say that your personality is the true inspiration behind your designs and label?

Totally, I have a way of living as if ‘Less is more’ and it’s the same thing in my collections, very simple, timeless, essential.

Tell us about your 2015-16 fall/winter collection?

This season, I chose to deepen the grove I have been tracing for myself, by focusing on the heart of my brand’s identity: timelessness, relaxed elegance, and strong identity. I shun the trends, focusing instead on building a following, and on turning my basics into staples. With their strong lines and unisex cuts, the shirts I launched last season have already become a classic, while my hats have become a wardrobe centrepiece, acting more as garments than accessories. Turning my wardrobe must-haves into true contemporary classics.

As a woman, what has your evolution been like? Have you had any insecurities?

Of course I still have insecurities. With all of this fashion industry we want to be so many persons at the same time. So many offers. We want to be everywhere and anywhere. It’s not easy to ‘come as we are.’

“My hair is an extension of myself.” What would it take for you to cut it all off?

I will be able to cut off my hair for the Charlize Theron’s role in Mad MaxJJ.

Do you consider fashion overrated given the pace of fashion today?

Fifty-fifty, of course there are too many brands, collaborations…but I like to see all this creation, this passion around fashion. Whoever you are it’s accessible.

The sexiest thing you own?

A cigarette case

The one fashion piece you will take to the grave?

My Hermes jackets in cashmere.

Which fashion icon do you most admire?

Gabrielle Chanel

Current state of mind when waking up?

Everything is possible!

What is your greatest extravagance?

I am still thinking about that.

Most significant magazine?

The gentlewoman

Greatest love of your life?

My family