We live in times when we understand that our differences make us stronger. When we don’t chisel the things that make us special, it’s inevitable that our lives will become more peaceful and creative. Why wouldn’t we embrace our differences when it comes to our bodies? The number of people who express that beauty cannot be defined with weight, hair color, skin color and body proportions are increasing in direct proportion to our ideas. Laura Schoorl from California is one such name!

“I’m surrounded by so many beautiful women in my community, so it just made sense to take photos of them.”

We love original and innovative people! Can you talk about yourself a bit?

I love people and I care intensely about the earth and everyone on it. I enjoy spending time in nature and eating delicious food. Styling and organizing the objects in my house and studio give me immense pleasure.

It’s not easy to define the Pansy girl. We know that you choose the models from among your friends and are curious about the challenges and good moments you have during this process.

Working with friends is the best, especially on photo shoots. Comfort and trust are paramount when photographing women in their underwear.

We know body means nothing for you. How did you come to this point?

I think all bodies are beautiful. Growing up in a society where only one image of women is promoted, it can make you feel like you have to have particular body shape in order to be accepted. I’ve always loved my body no matter what size I am. It’s a part of my nature.

How did you decide to choose the models from your own life? Have you had any interesting memories while implementing this principle?

I’m surrounded by so many beautiful women in my community, so it just made sense to take photos of them. I love our shoots where I get to shoot old friends and new ones. At our last shoot at the river last summer, we got to take lots of breaks to drink wine and go swimming. I try to make every shoot enjoyable for myself and all our models.

Freedom or style?

Comfort and joy!

What kind of difference do you think you’re making in the underwear industry?

I hope we are pushing people to think about where their underwear comes from and how it is produced. It’s so important to us to make the best possible garment that does the least amount of harm to the world.

What’s important for you while choosing colors?

I have to love the color and really feel like it is different from all our other colors we already have. We keep a lot of our colors for years, so we have to truly love them.

Let’s talk about sewing. Can you tell us about the workshop process? What are the unforgettable moments you’ve had in production?

We’ve been working with the same nearby factory since we started making our first samples four years ago. We love all the women that work there. We just celebrated lunar new year with everyone and gave them all Pansy sets.

What are your must-haves in your workshop?

Hot tea and a big workspace for sorting freshly dyed pansies.

Something you can’t be without?


What awaits Pansy girls in the future?

We are working on a new cross-back bra similar to our full bra but with binding around the elastic. We are also making a new genderless boxer brief underwear that will comfortable for wearing under dresses all summer!