You are what you are

You probably encountered Giuseppe Palmisano’s well-curated Instagram account “@iosonopipo.” Italian artist doesn’t only take pictures but actually creates mise en scène in his photographs. The…

I’ve got blues!

Sometimes we all question, “Was I born in the wrong time period?”. Nostalgia seems sweeter. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s ... These are whole different worlds;…

What are we looking for?

That one place where time slows down or even stops. Caspar Claasen, Amsterdam based photographer, in his Musea series captures detached museum visitors contemplating art…

alike: Bensu Soral & Hande Soral

You may have a lot of privileges in life – a good job, beauty, good friends, financial opportunities and many more. You can be born with it or earn it all through hard work and determination. But a real privilege is having a sibling, and all you need is the chance to have that. No one will understand, protect, love or support you no matter what as much as them. Here’s a story which will resonate with those who have siblings and envy those who don’t. Let’s hear Hande Soral and Bensu Soral.

Shapes, colors and textures by Olga de la Iglesia !

Shapes, colors and textures can be told as the three elements of her vivid and authentic work, but Barcelona based photographer Olga de la Iglesia has obviously more than that. Combining everyday scenes or objects with a discriminating perspective, she creates vivid and soulful shots of everything, which looks out of a not-yet created arts and fashion magazine.

Terra Incognita by Juliet Taylor

The one and only thought that makes us survive the rough days of winter is that moment when we can finally lie down on golden sand and let the sun infuse our bones. Just hearing the sound of the sea and the blowing wind. Suddenly the soul leaves the body and we fall asleep. That is exactly when Juliet Taylor captures sleepy sunbathers on beautiful Bondi Beach of Sydney. The talented photographer has been working for this project, named Terra Incognita, for 6 months. Here ‘s the words by Taylor:

Remains of a Wreck: Ximena Echague

Focusing on people rather than places, Ximena Echague’s photographs present such cruel and contradictory still from life that even the most depressing wreck can leave a smile on the onlooker’s face. Chasing after two different Ostends – one in Belgium, one in Argentina – for the frames you’re about to see, the photographer reveals the striking aesthetic behind crushed dreams and lost ideals. It’s up to you to decide whether Ximena’s world is melancholic or reviving.

Bodies that Matter: Guido Castagnoli

Black-and-white photographs are usually sad but it’s the opposite for Guido Castagnoli’s photo series. Inspired by Judith Butler, “Bodies that Matter” series reveals the beauty of freedom and being different. Enamored by the LGBTQ+ community in Berlin, Guido collects in his frames not only images but also feelings.


[gallery ids="9175,9176,9177,9178,9179,9180,9181,9182,9183,9184"] The strong brake smell and high-pitched sounds of tires on the road... If these sound familiar, it means you know about Tofaşk – a group of passionate people who devote themselves to modify Tofaşk cars, which were discontinued in the early 2000s. Let us introduce you to Can Görkem Halıcıoğlu and his TOFAŞK series, which documents the lives of these groups and their relationship with cars.


Although we don't always want to carry around with us, our memories - perhaps the most valuable of our existence - follow us wherever we go in life. But the place we lived in throughout our youth holds a special place.