Mysterious Letters

Lenka and Michael… These two names may not ring a bell with any of you yet. However, in the near future (hopefully) you’ll be receiving a letter in the mail that will make you “LOL” signed by these two. In the long process of creating a unique hand-written letter to everyone in the world, these two might just be our favorite mysterious duo.

Francesca Allen

Francesca Allen is reminiscent of London and the new generation of photographers changing the scope of this city. Her photos have a fragility and hopefulness…

Eda Dürüst

When we come across artists that are considered in their “youth” we get all the more excited feeling a palpable closeness through age. Eda is one of those kind creators that has a humble heart, a colorful scheme, and an ironic sense of humor translated directly to her work. Be prepared to chuckle.

Piera Gelardi

Piera Gelardi is Creative Director & Founding Partner of Refinery29. She tells us about her creation and childhood in Maine, the aftermath, and the future…


Troublesome Harlem streets of Manhattan where black and white resolve… Chasing after the ever-existing hope, joy of living and passion in the patriarchal streets of…

Kim Drew

She has a tendency for art and artists of African descent. Her daily instagram posts highlights the impact of social media as a medium to…