Google invites you to explore Frida Kahlo’s retrospective which comprises her never-before-seen works. Google Art & Culture gathers Mexican artist’s most iconic works at the exhibition “Face of Frida” in collaboration with 33 museums in seven countries and curators from all across the world. Curators describe “Face of Frida” as the most expansive work and photography exhibition about Frida Kahlo.

Google enables users to explore Frida Kahlo’s life via street view, and to visit the places she was born, raised, lived and died and which influenced her career including the “Blue House.” You can examine the works at the Frida Kahlo Museum via the advanced street view on your mobile phone or desktop computer. Comprising works borrowed from special exhibitions or ones that have never been seen before, the exhibition includes a total of 20 works rendered in gigapixel resolution by Google Art Camera. “Face of Frida” also includes hundreds of letters, magazines and clothes in addition to photographs. The collection also displays an artwork titles “Faces of Alexa” directed by Cristina Kahlo, Kahlo’s great-niece.