We met Woodes, whose name we’ve been hearing a lot lately, at her favorite coffee shop in Melbourne. We talked about many issues including Flash Mob, Disconnect Festival, her future plans and inspirational sources…

Bill Frisell

We had an intimate conversation with guitarist, composer and arranger Bill Frisell and talked about what jazz is to him, how he blends his whole life experience with music, and his concert at Zorlu Center PSM Drama Stage as part of the 25th Akbank Jazz Festival on October 23, 2015.

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Ulay is the key figure of performance art in the 70s. His early works will be on view at Şekerbank Açıkekran through 10 October. We talked about the striking effect of art with this brave and short-tempered man who changed a period of performance art.

Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin’s take on the relationship between the individual and the dynamics of government is a varying influence between each other and subject to today’s reality. Interviewing Mr Bolin has a revealed a man who provokes in every sense and gives rise to self-determination for all.

Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol, whose A/V Performances, of which we cannot forget, is the first item on our itinerary with his “Infinity Room” project on view for the Istanbul Biennial.

Kim Drew

She has a tendency for art and artists of African descent. Her daily instagram posts highlights the impact of social media as a medium to…

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Zach Sokol

Zach Sokol gives us his mind on working as a journalist from the iconic Vice Magazine. Sokol is true to his words and then true…

Tolga Sezgin

Tolga Sezgin is a familiar name for those keeping up with the rhythm of the city. Some of you may already know it, Tolga has…