“She’s a knight.” Björk

M.I.A, who’s garnered a great deal of attention after her attitude on the Super Bowl stage in 2012 along with Madonna and been acclaimed by many prominent names from Thom Yorke to Lady Gaga, breaks the silence with the trailer of the documentary “Matangi/MAYA/M.I.A” to be released in September. Directed by Steve Loveridge, the documentary witnesses the artist’s war against the music industry and milticultural youth, punk attitude and Tamil politics.

“This is not a normal pop documentary. Because M.I.A is not a normal popstar.” The Atlantic

M.I.A who’s known for her rebellious acts in her songs and music videos released the album AIM in 2016 and said it would be her last studio work. While her fans reflected on that, M.I.A returned with her skills in filmmaking before diving into music. The artist never parts with her camera and blends archival old and new footage via a collage-data technique. This combination enriched with Maya’s current ideas has received praise and awards.