The Spanish Muse

Madrid-based art director Inès Ybarra creates visual magic for brands. Ybarra, also the owner of an incredible wardrobe, has a growing presence in the fashion…

Being Bade!

We know it’s ridiculous to associate people with their roles but, as everyone else, we sometimes fall prey to this error, and can find ourselves to be surprised by an actor’s/actress’ energetic, friendly and dynamic moods when we meet him/her. This was exactly how we felt when we met Bade, and now we invite you to meet her. Afresh for those who already do (or think they do).

Takeover Chef

If the point in question is to experience new things, you can leave yourself to Ahmet’s hands. Our questions are neverending when we come across people who know their city so well! But this time, what got us excited is his new project “Takeover Chef”. Rather than searching for new places to experience different tastes, doesn't it sound inviting; to allow chefs to create menus designed for you in the comfort of your own space?

Mihda Koray

It’ not that easy to be an “It Girl,” although it may look easy for our people. Being pretty and dressing well might be a privilege, however we do want to shout out that it is not enough from time to time.