Be prepared to be mesmerized by Fahrelnissa Zeid’s kaleidoscopic paintings in June. The artist’s works are displayed at Istanbul Modern on May 30, and at Tate Modern on June 13.

A few months back, we published an article about the work titled Towards a Sky, which was put up at auction at Sotheby’s in April, by Fahrelnissa Zeid, one of the most prominent female artists of the 20th century. We have not one but two great news for those who wish to see Zeid’s works that feature an unprecedented and joyous style.

Home to an extensive collection of Zeid’s works, Istanbul Modern hosts a selection of her works between May 30 and July 30 at the Short-Term Exhibitions Hall. The exhibition features some of her most spectacular works from her most prolific years – from the 1940s’ avant-garde scene in Turkey to those she created in Jorden in the ‘70s.

The second great news is from London. Renowned for her rich and vivid compositions, the artist is welcomed at Tate Modern, London for the first time in the U.K. with a comprehensive retrospective that remains open for visit between June 13 and October 8. The exhibition brings together some of Zeid’s works such as paintings, sketches and sculptures throughout her 40-year career. Istanbul Modern has lent eight artworks to Tate Modern for this exhibition, which will then visit Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin and Sursock Museum in Beirut.