Last year, more than 60,000 Americans dies due to opioid-based overdose and the number continues to increase. As drug addiction creates such a serious demographic loss, the movie “Hey Charlie,” directed by the 17-year-old Brinkley Smithers and produced in collaboration with Christopher D. Smithers Foundation and Columbia University Medical Center, emphasizes a strong awareness. Throughout the film, we witness the challenging story of Charlie, who is addicted to hashish-based drugs, i.e. opioids in general.

Charlie find himself in a fast-paced loop of habits such as alcohol which his peers are beginning to discover. As everything starts changing in Charlie’s life to be replaced by disappointments, Charlie’s need for these substances increases and he loses his passion for life. The important incidents we see throughout the film further complicate everything along with the opioid addiction and turns everything into a nightmare.

We learned about opioid addiction from Charlie’s personal relationships, change in his school life, and dialogue with his mother in addition to the continuous drama. Supported as part of the campaign #StopTheSpiral carried out by Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, the movie is filmed through the perspective of the protagonist. Through this project.

Christopher D. Smithers Foundation offers a medical solution to problems who are having problems with opioids. The foundation primarily offers consultancy and a medical alternative for young people who are dealing with this medical problem.