Gucci’s contemporary-and-romantic philosophy comes together with Coco Capitán’s witty and ironic style. Coco Capitán’s handcrafted witty aphorisms were featured on two pieces at the fashion

Deconstructing Helen Kirkum

Helen Kirkum is the characteristic touch we all need in this day and age when the unstoppable rise of sneakers continue but most brands’ collections have fallen into repetition. Having received the 2016 International Talent Support Accessories Award, founded to support young fashion designers, British designer stole the spotlight at the graduation show at her school, Royal College of Art. She rips and reattaches old sneakers in her collection Our Public Youth, which made a name for her. Positioning her work somewhere between art and fashion, Helen believes that both designers and consumers need to slow down a bit and take responsibility. Let’s get to know her better!

Kadehlerde Aşk

Fotoğraf / Photography: PELİN KACAR / DARKNDARK Styling & Sanat Yönetimi / Art Direction: KORAL SAGULAR Makyaj /Make-up : Gülüm Erzincan Saç / Hair: Tayfun

Being Bade!

We know it’s ridiculous to associate people with their roles but, as everyone else, we sometimes fall prey to this error, and can find ourselves to be surprised by an actor’s/actress’ energetic, friendly and dynamic moods when we meet him/her. This was exactly how we felt when we met Bade, and now we invite you to meet her. Afresh for those who already do (or think they do).

Summer to Heart

A Creative Collaboration KOM X BASED ISTANBUL Fotoğraf / Photography by: ERMAN İŞTAHLI Moda Editörü / Fashion Editor: BURAK SANUK Saç / Hair: Akın Ünal

Happiness is a Big Joke.

Seda has a magical side to her. I'm not sure whether it lies behind her deep gazes or that she's not afraid of her laughter, but the energy of this woman, whom our television series took to distant and cold parts, is so strong that it could blow your mind! What am I talking about?